Inside Ink is the natural continuation of Inside Ink Tattoo Studio (Sofia and Pleven) and Bulgaria Tattoo Expo (one of the top 3 tattoo conventions in the Balkans).

Inside Ink is not just a studio, but a Tattoo Community Hub. A space where the tattoo community can grow and be inspired, find friends and like-minded people, meet and exchange experiences, help each other and have fun.

In the studio, you can meet (and get tattooed by) some of the most talented artists from Bulgaria and Europe (soon from the whole world). We organise tattoo seminars, master classes, exhibitions, meetings with tattoo artists and many other events (walk-in days, flash days, tattoo nights etc).



The first “Inside Ink” tattoo studio opened in 2007, in Pleven (Bulgaria). In 2011 we opened the second studio under the brand, in Sofia, and to this day both work actively. Over these 15+ years, we have created a strong bond with each other and built a friendship that can easily be described in one word – family.

The work met us with many new friends and associates, and the tattoo community continued to grow and become stronger. That's how we created the Bulgaria Tattoo Expo, which has become a traditional event for tattoos and alternative culture. We have also held a number of tattoo workshops with the same mission – to continue to help the tattoo community grow and thrive.

Thus, in 2023, we went to the ”next level” and fulfilled a long-cherished dream of ours. A big tattoo studio, a tattoo community hub where you can do or get a tattoo, share ideas, experiences and valuable practices (through workshops, seminars, masterclasses) and last but not least - have fun! 

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