Inside Ink is more than a tattoo studio we're are community.
We started in 2007 in Pleven, and 4 years later we opened our doors in Sofia. Over 15+ years we have built not just a team, but a family united by a passion for tattoos. In 2023, we made our dream come true: we created Inside Ink – Tattoo Community Hub. A place where: The most talented artists from Bulgaria and the world turn your ideas into unique tattoos. Each tattoo is unique, tailored to your wishes and story. You can choose from realism to minimalism - we master all techniques. You don't just get tattooed, you meet people who share your passion. You become part of the tattoo culture and its events.

Inside Ink – not just a tattoo, but an emotion!


Why choose Inside Ink?
Experience: 15+ years in the industry, thousands of satisfied customers.
Quality: We guarantee impeccable performance and hygiene.
Разнообразие: Variety: We offer tattoos in every style.
Community: Join our tattoo family!
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Insideink Artists

Inside Ink – Your Tattoo Place!


Bulgaria Tattoo Expo: Traditional event for tattoos and alternative culture.
Seminars and master classes: With leading artists from Bulgaria and the world.
Workshop events: Sharing ideas, experiences and valuable practices.
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Inside Ink – more than a tattoo!