Master Class with BulletBG
02/02/2024, 10:00 - 03/02/2024, 18:00

Two-day Master class with BulletBG on Tones, Technique, Texture.

Location: ул. „6-ти септември“ 4, Old City Center, София, България


The theme of the master class is "Tones, technique, texture", and here is the program:

Day I - theory
The day is set for theory. We will talk about working with black and white, we will analyze my works, and if you wish, yours too!

1. Design
- Reference, composition. How to prepare the perfect composition for you and the client. What is important to bear in mind, what do we comply with?
2. Black - mix tones in a black and white range. What do I use and why?
3. The technique - choice of needles and machine. Why I choose them and what is important for the specific, but not only, way of working.
4. Light shade, texture. I will explain what are the important moments and ways to achieve the perfect textures, how I achieve them.
5. Modification and improvisation - this is the most important quality of a true artist. We will pay attention to the possibilities.
6. Stencil and prepare the design for the next day.
7. Discussion of various topics.

Day II
On the second day, I will tattoo the design that I have prepared on the first day.

- We will pay attention to the preparation of the station, how to achieve maximum comfort all the time.
- How will we position, find the perfect place and what do we take into account in this process. Why is this moment one of the most important? What role does the customer's opinion and plans play, etc.
- As I tattoo, you will be able to watch closely and see the themes from day one applied in a real environment.
- We will end with a discussion, I will try to summarize what was conveyed from the two days and I will answer questions.

*Limit of participants in the event - 15.

*IMPORTANT - The workshop is not suitable for beginner tattoo artists (we will have one soon)