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Min Amount: BGN 100.00

A tattoo voucher is one of the most desired gifts by tattoo fans! With the Inside Ink digital voucher, you get the gift in a matter of minutes, anywhere, anytime.

The voucher can be used for a tattoo of your choice by one of the resident artists or the guest artists (if there are free hours) at Inside Ink in Sofia.

Validity: 12 months from the date of purchase
Transfer: The voucher is transferable but you first have to contact us at email:

How will you receive the voucher?

You will receive the voucher in a digital version - as a file in iOS Wallet or as a PDF file you can print and give personally. After printing the voucher, you need to fill in the blank fields with your name and the recipient's names, the amount of the voucher (which you have paid) and the date of validity (indicated in the upper left corner). Finally, you can fold the paper over and under the voucher part, put it in a gift envelope and you're done!

If you would like us to do all this for you, you can reply to the email with the order to fill in the details by entering the address, name and phone number and within two working days you will receive the gift voucher signed and wrapped, ready for gifting. In this case, the delivery will be free.

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